— A Video Q&A Series

If there is one good thing I have to pick happened in 2020, it is that I got to connect with so many UX-ers every week through virtual coffee chats (with all my commute time saved given the COVID-19 situation).

I started offering 1:1 virtual coffee chat since April via UX Coffee Hours, a volunteer driven platform where aspiring UX-ers can connect and schedule free virtual coffee conversations with experienced UX professionals. It’s hard to believe it’s been half a year already. I feel fortunate to connect with people all around the world, and amazed by the passion and energy…

Given the COVID-19 situation, many excellent designers, researchers and other professionals are having a difficult time. With a wish to help students and aspiring UX-ers, I have been offering 1:1 coffee chat on UX Coffee Hours as a volunteer.

Over the last few weeks, UX Coffee Hours has grown from a total of 7 mentors to 100+ mentors across 37 companies. Many mentors including me got completely booked out until mid July. While working on future plannings to open up more time, I thought it might be helpful to turn some common questions into videos. …

My Two Cents on How to Improve Design Process

Working in a small design team supporting wide range of products, this might sound familiar to you — “All we need is some minor change in this one screen, can we get it done in two days?” or, “Can we review the new design tomorrow? It should be fairly simple.”… …

You might be wondering, “Why do people think my job (as a UX Designer) is so easy?”, “Why don’t they understand the complexity?”. Well, quite often the perception of what is required to get a job done, can be very different without much open communication. …

Small Changes, Big Impacts


Houzz is an online platform for home remodeling and design services. As a home decor lover, it is my go-to app when looking for design ideas and inspirations. It is a great product, but a quick usability testing reveals that users are struggling with some issues while using the mobile app.


The challenge is to understand users’ response to the current Houzz mobile app, discover pain points and propose a solution to improve their experiences.


I started the process with guerrilla usability testing to understand current problems. During the following phases, I used affinity mapping to determine priorities, created task…

Shu Jiang

UX designer @Google l tech • design • music • art • food • travel | Connect with me: linktr.ee/yobi321

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